In September of this year, APWU members will have the opportunity to vote in the election of national officers of the American Postal Workers Union. We are asking for your vote and support to elect Greg Bell APWU President.

In the wake of contract negotiations, and the rejection of the tentative agreement last Dec. by the members’ Rank and File Bargaining Advisory Committee (see Majority view report), light has been shed on the disunity and distrust at the national level due to a lack of leadership from our current president. With our work, jobs and contractual rights threatened and compromised – we believe that Greg Bell can do better and can best represent our members as president.

Many of us know Greg for his knowledge, expertise, leadership, and accomplishments on behalf of our active members and retirees at the national level. What may be less well-known is that Greg Bell’s effectiveness and success as a national leader was preceded by his local leadership background, experience and accomplishments.

Greg Bell’s history is one of struggle, aggressive representation, progress and accomplishments on behalf of APWU and our members.

We are excited about Greg Bell’s decision to run for APWU President. We need someone as national President with the experience and expertise to lead our members, stewards and officers through these difficult times.

Greg Bell is well respected for his uncompromising leadership and aggressive representation. APWU stewards and officers from around the country respect his opinion and expertise. His studious approach to problems, his ability to work with and assist stewards and officers, regardless of craft or local, his uncompromising union values, and his vast experience are an invaluable asset to our members and union.

As a national officer for 18 years, Greg Bell has worked with and provided advice and assistance to three different national Presidents, and representatives in every APWU craft. Greg Bell has been involved in eight contract negotiations, and has a record of making significant contributions to our to our union’s progress.  Greg Bell has:

  • Resolved – and won – national-level disputes on behalf of our members;
  • Played a major role in the APWU’s success in improving pay, working conditions and benefits for our members in contract negotiations and related arbitrations; and
  • Based on his experience and expertise, served as the APWU’s expert witness in national-level arbitration cases, and played a major role in APWU’s success in winning important national-level grievances.

Please click here to see some highlights of Greg Bell’s accomplishments.

Local Background

Before being elected APWU Executive Vice President in 2010, he served for 15 years as our national Industrial Relations Director. Prior to being elected to national office in 1995, he was president of the Philadelphia PA Area Local for nine years, and Chairman of the National Presidents’ Conference for four years.

Under Greg Bell’s leadership, promoting unity and the active participation of the members was a decisive factor in the Philadelphia Local’s success. He believes in building coalitions in our common struggle for social and economic justice. The Philadelphia Local’s successes were based on progressive unionism, struggle and teamwork, and a willingness to confront problems head on.

Please click here for some local highlights under Greg Bell leadership.

As local president, he also led the Philadelphia Local to historic victories, including negotiating major gains for his members in local negotiations. Greg Bell has been in the forefront of major victories. His success and accomplishments as a local leader has been shared, and has benefited other local unions around the country in our common struggle as postal workers.

Please click here for highlights of Greg Bell local success and accomplishments.

As a local officer, Greg Bell was suspended by the Postal Service on one occasion and issued a removal on another occasion for his union activism – standing up for the rights of APWU members and stewards on the work floor. Greg knows how important it is for stewards and officers to have the necessary resources and support from the union and its leadership – especially when you put your job on the line representing the union and our members.

Greg Bell hasn’t forgotten from where he came. He identifies with local presidents, stewards, officers and members and the day-to-day problems that we face on the work floor.

His background, experience and expertise reflects the type of leadership and representation that he has provided our members and representatives all around the country – and is one of the many reasons why Greg Bell is the best candidate for President of the American Postal Workers Union.

We thank you for the support for Greg Bell’s candidacy. We ask that you share this website ( and reach out to officers, stewards, members, retirees in your local and encourage them to support and vote for Greg Bell for APWU President.

Your vote does count, your support does matter, and together in this election we can make a difference. Thank you.