Greg Bell speaking at a national convention.

As a national officer for 18 years, Greg Bell has a proven record of leadership, aggressive representation, and accomplishments. He is the most experienced and knowledgeable individual to best represent our members and union as President of the American Postal Workers Union.

Since 1995, Greg Bell has made significant contributions to our union’s progress. Before being elected Executive Vice President in 2010, he served for 15 years as our Industrial Relations Director. Greg Bell played a major role in the APWU’s success in improving working conditions and benefits for our members in contract negotiations and arbitration, including:

  • Restrictions on management’s ability to challenge locally-negotiated contract items
  • Pay increases and COLAs
  • Continuation of no-layoff protection
  • Limitation on management performing bargaining unit work
  • Consecutive days off for career employees in mail processing operations, transportation and vehicle maintenance facilities
  • Annual Leave in lieu of Holiday Pay
  • Employees on overtime desired list must be given priority scheduling before casuals
  • Payroll advances for back-pay awards
  • Option to advance arbitration cases to top of docket
  • Incentives for voluntary early retirement
  • Delay in serving suspensions until disposition of grievances
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Increased Administrative Leave for bone and organ donation
  • Annual Leave exchange option
  • Limitation on excessing
  • Pay for all job-related travel
  • Stronger provisions to protect against subcontracting bargaining unit work
  • Stronger Job Security
  • Elimination of non-bargaining unit supplement workforce
  • Career Conversion Opportunities
  • Retaining health insurance programs as part of Federal Employee Health Benefits Program

Greg Bell has the experience and a proven record of success in resolving and winning national-level disputes over such issues as:

  • Multiple call-in requirements; medical documentation for absences of 3 days of less; fixed number of absences for triggering discipline; improper retention of disciplinary records.
  • Management’s attempt to eliminate the payment of Sunday premium for hours not actually worked, including payment of Sunday premium to employees in a continuation of pay, or court or military status.
  • Severance pay entitlement for voluntary termination, in addition to early retirement benefit.
  • Privacy Issue – Disclosure of employee’s accident and injury information to private companies.
  • Protection of wages increases for protected-rate employees.
  • Prohibition against issues affecting wages, hours and working conditions from being discussed in EEO/Affirmative Action committees where the union is not a party.

Greg Bell served as the APWU’s expert witness in numerous national-level arbitration cases. He played a major role in the APWU’s success in winning important cases over such issues as:

  • Prohibition against requiring employees to describe the nature of their illness or injury when calling in sick;
  • Night differential for administrative leave;
  • Sunday-premium pay for employees working on a temporary schedule change for their personal convenience;
  • Right of full-time employees on the overtime desired list (OTDL) to be given priority scheduling for overtime work over casual employees, including priority scheduling for penalty overtime prior to casuals doing overtime work;
  • Prohibition against requiring employees to submit FMLA medical certifications using only the Department of Labor WH-380 forms;
  • USPS’ requirement to discuss and respond to Union’s safety and ergonomic proposals, and prohibition against charging the Union for requested related information; and
  • Requirement to provide notification to local union of decisions to subcontract bargaining unit work.

We urge you to support and vote for Greg Bell because he is the most experienced and knowledgeable individual to best represent our members and union as President of American Postal Workers Union.